I was just toodling along the internet highways when I spotted a sign.  Not an epiphany mind you, but a fucking website  that invited me to become  a “Prayer Warrior!  (their exclamation point, not mine) and I damn near spit my coffee  through my nose and scared the dog to boot.

A) I don’t think you would want a Freethinking Liberal Feminist amongst your group and;

2) See Item A

I haven’t blogged in years and I have not been moved to do so by some act of divine intervention, it’s just that my rants are getting too fucking long for Facebook posts.   Plus, those mother fuckers are getting up in arms about everything being “Facebook Friendly”.

If you want cheerful reading, get a fucking Readers Digest.  The rest of us want to learn about reality and be warned when there are those lurking about that don’t deal with reality and think that g-d sent us Donald Trump and he needs their protection.

Although, that would save the taxpayers a shit-ton of money now that he won’t be needing the Secret Service to protect him.






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