Today would have been our anniversary.  Which one, I don’t recall.  We really didn’t pay much attention to specific dates and always forgot until someone sent us a card or reminded us.

I’m thankful that we didn’t wait for “special” days to create a memory.  We did it every chance we had.

And when you look back on any relationship, it’s not about the things you wished you had, the money you wished you made, or the places you wished you had gone.

It’s about how you spent your time together.  Did you take time to play?  Did you teach a child the art of skipping stones?

Did you find yourself flat on your back in a field of grass because the cloud formations were amazing?play-1

Don’t’ get me wrong.  A roof over your head is a great comfort, but going to work and paying bills do not make it a home.  It’s everything in between.

Take time to play….


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